This is a Debian "netinst" CD. Debian is a Linux distribution; and a fairly popular one at that. Anyways, one of Debian's great features is that you can automatically download and install packages and programs right off the 'net, from the command line. No need to go hunting about for a package file to download and install yourself. A plus of this mostly- automated system is that it's extraordinarily simple to keep up-to-date. If a newer version of a package you have installed is available for your Debian installation, running 'apt-get update && apt-get upgrade' will install it for you. For instance, running 'apt-get install netscape' will download Netscape, and set it up for you. If at a later date, a newer Netscape package is available, 'apt-get update && apt-get upgrade' will install/upgrade to the newer version. Most users just run that command every now and then ;) Things arn't always that easy, but by and large, they are.

Anyways, because of this great feature, you don't need to burn a full 640M of packages which you may or may not use - hence "netinst" CDs. This ISO has the basic Debian system on it. Burn it to a CD, and it's bootable. It will run through the Debian installation procedure. At one point, it will tell you that your "CD is not a valid Debian CD". That's allright. Just ignore it, and you'll move on to the next installation step - setting up 'apt' so that you can get the rest of your packages off the 'net. Nice and simple.

This particular "netinst" Debian CD is based on "Potato", or Debian 2.2, revision 4. It uses the Linux kernel 2.2.19, which includes such goodies as USB support :)

Another nifty use for a CD like this is that it's small enough to fit on "business card" CDs; small business-card-sized CDs. So you can have a bootable Debian installtion CD in your pocket... 'cause of course, you never know when you'll have to do an emergency Debian installation ;)

For more information, go to Installing Debian is beyond the scope of this document, as is burning this ISO to a CD :)

Some Windows users have reported a problem downloading; specifially, they were only getting part of the file. It was confirmed that the problem was at their end. Anyways, just in case, you should be getting a file approximately 32 megs in size.

Please download them from's File Release System.

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